Being the pioneer of gourmet coffee bar in Hong Kong, we strive to be the best operator to provide premium coffee experiences to our cherishable customers.


For our passionate internal customers, we pledge to:

  • Be a family-friendly employer
  • Provide equal employment opportunities
  • Provide coffee education, opportunities for personal and career development
  • Provide staff benefits for striving work-life balance
  • Always ensure a 2-way communication and take employees' needs into consideration


For our valuable external customers, we strive to:

  • Deliver the highest product quality with efficiency
  • Provide friendly customer services with effectiveness
  • Provide the best coffee experience in a warm, neat and tidy ambience
  • Establish a lifelong friendship
  • Seek first to understand customers' needs and always welcome valuable comments


With the love and passion for coffee, we will keep on serving the community and enriching the local coffee culture by providing worth-of-mouth coffee experiences. We always welcome feedbacks and opinions. If you have any words to share, please do kindly let us know and we will be very grateful to hearing from you.