Before coffee drinking became fashionable in Hong Kong, before various boutique coffee shops came about, before popular international chains started to open shops on every street corner, there was Uncle Russ Coffee.


Established in 1992, with a pioneering shop on Peking Road in the tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Uncle Russ Coffee has always been committed to providing customers with the best-quality coffee products. In fact, you could say that Uncle Russ Coffee has been the founding father of gourmet coffee in Hong Kong.


As Hong Kong’s original coffee shop, Uncle Russ Coffee reflects the true birth and blossom of the coffee industry. Our goal has always been to provide coffee beverages that are unparalleled in quality.


Our concept has proven highly successful in areas abundant with corporate offices and commuters, who like to enjoy their favorite daily coffee & refreshment on the move. Now with four key successful shop locations spanning various districts we continue to grow from strength to strength.


Additionally, we are continuously developing our independently owned shops that range in size and style, from boutique takeaway kiosks to substantial coffee and refreshment lounges.


Uncle Russ Coffee has been established in HK for over 27 years, and our small unit roasting facility provides us with freshly roasted coffee which supports us to expand our wholesale business with premium quality coffees and coffee machines.